What is This?

This is a newsletter, and a publishing platform. It will consist of two main parts:

Psychochronograph, the monthly newsletter: My thoughts, updates on current projects, highlights from my journal, things I’m enjoying, etc.

Fiction Short Bursts: Short stories, maybe even some poetry. Works I’ve written over the last few years but never shared publicly, new stuff—once a month I’ll select a piece to share with you as well.

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Why Psychochronograph?

This is actually the title of a story I wrote, where a detective from the future uses psychic imprints from the past to solve crimes. Hey, you asked! Okay, so I asked myself. But that’s where it came from. It’s not really ready for release. Maybe it’ll never be. But I love the title. And it seemed appropriate, so here we go. What is a persnal newsletter for a writer but a record of the time and my mind?

This is the time. And this is the record of the time. - Laurie Anderson

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Jon is lucky to make his living as a writer. His horror novel, In the Dark of the Grove, is coming October 2021 from Gurt Dog Press. He currently lives in Central Illinois with his partner, Paul.